Sometimes you just know…

it’s like a sixth sense, you just know this is the ONE.

But today, the one I’m referring to is not a person. It’s my job.

End of 2020, I accepted an adventure into something that I have never thought I would attempt. But strangely enough, the day I signed my letter and was waiting for my day 1 to start – it felt ‘right’. I told a dear friend of mine that “I feel like I’ll be in this place for a long time”.

And it’s not so much of stability.

I value my freedom a lot, especially as I become more aware of who I am as a person and what I need to thrive. But this place… it seems the stars have aligned and it’s just the right mix and balance of what makes me productive, challenged, and growing every day – all while maintaining my freedom.

It has been 7 months in and I am still waiting for my rose-tinted glasses to come off, but it hasn’t.

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